My Favorite Apps for Business + Elevate Your Social Media Game Strategy

 Don't worry, there's an app for that! Here is an awesome list of my favorite apps for social media and business! Click through to read more! Hype Social Strategies

Let’s get one thing straight. You are not alone when it comes to business and your social media. Technology is here to help you. Right now I’m totally going to spill what I use as a social media manager to stay on top of my game. As a bonus I am also going to throw down other business app game changers for you. Now without delay…

A brilliant little piece of technology heaven. It is a miracle app. Latergramme allows you to schedule your Instagram posts. It is so easy to use and will allow you to schedule out months at a time. I only schedule my posts weekly, but the possibilities are limitless. This literally eliminates the need to have to think of new content every single day. You simply wake up and at the scheduled time, you push the post to Instagram. Check it out HERE.


This is great for communicating back and forth with clients when you are working on projects together. You can upload pics/projects and easily discuss them. I use this for business projects every single day. It is a great way to keep things organized. Plus you can leave feedback with clients or team members. The possibilities for Evernote are literally endless. People use this sweet app for numerous business applications. Find Evernote HERE.


You might be a rock star at photo shop, but you also might not be. I personally see photo shop as my arch nemesis. Canva literally makes graphic design a walk in the park for me. If you can dream it, now you can create high quality business worthy projects. I use it to create the majority of my social media posts, my social media banners, my business card, my e-book, all of downloads, seriously I can keep going. Once you try it, I can guarantee it will change your life. Go straight to Canva now and discover its awesomeness. Well, after you finish reading my amazing tips of course.


This is a great way to share documents, photos, graphics, etc with other people. Several of my clients use Dropbox to share photos with me and I personally use it to store important docs. You literally just drop the files in and share away or just store for later. It is a convenient way to have all of your docs at your fingertips regardless of what computer you are on. There app is also pretty sweet. I use it to export photos straight to Instagram. Check it out HERE.


I use this amazing app for Twitter support. No one in their right mind has time to tweet all day. Instead I schedule my tweets in buffer and let it do the work for me. I still interact on twitter, but I am not having to worry about what to post 24/7. Buffer does it for me through-out the day. This app is a serious winner winner chicken dinner! If you use twitter, I would definitely look into Buffer ASAP.

These are all of my top favorite apps that I have discovered to help make being a social media manager a little bit more organized. Social media does not have to be stressful or overwhelming. With some planning and technology, you can literally make it work for you.

These apps are just the ones that literally do the work for me. Here is also a list of other apps for you to consider-


Facebook Scheduler

Social Clout




Google Docs


Samantha Parker

Hype Social Strategies, St. George, Utah