7 Reasons You are Sabotaging Your Social Media Successs

 It can be so easy to self sabotage on social media. Easy mistakes can lead to zero results. Here are  seven  simple ways people sabotage themselves on social media. Click through to read more. Hype Social Strategies

It can be so easy to self sabotage on social media. Easy mistakes can lead to zero results. Here are seven simple ways people sabotage themselves on social media. 

  1.  Over Sharing! This is the first and easiest mistake everyone makes on social media. You over share, you over tell and it gets over personal. If you are using social media as a business, no one wants to see you eating dinner, you in your latest "going to the club" fashion mistake or hear your political stance.  Really, it might be epic, but keep it personal. 

  2. Being Boring! Find a way to liven up your feeds without going too crazy. This can easily be done by adding color into your pictures and making them pop. Visual interest can go a long way. If you're pictures are falling flat, then so is your social media success. 

  3. Thinking You're Way Is The Only Way! There is not one way to tackle social media and there most definitely is not one right way to do things. Seriously, there's not (I tried to find it and it does not exist). Find what works for you and run with it. Don't look back, just go for it. 

  4. Being Fake! If your social media feed is full of unauthentic (yes I ALMOST used the word authentic) crap, then your following and success will reflect it. No one wants to be crap. Find things that are real and exciting. This doesn't have to be real pictures, stock photos are cool too, but it has to be relatable. Which leads me into my next tip.  

  5. Not Being You! I think that people and businesses are so concerned with appeasing what they think is their target audience, that they forget to be themselves. You are a direct reflection of the business you build. If you're not being yourself, then who are you actually attracting? To easily sum up this equation, it's basically no one. You are attracting no one. You are not attracting people that will build your business. It really is that easy (kind of like Sunday morning, but that's a whole different topic).

  6. You Don't Interact! This is a no brainer. You throw up swoon worthy pics and great descriptions, but then you basically check out. People who like and comment on your picture want to know that you are a real person. If someone comments on your swoon-worthy picture, you sure as hell better comment back. This also includes liking other people's photos and making a true effort to be apart of a community. You never know who might be your next biggest fan or client. 

  7. You Are Mean! This is my last and final tip and it is the down right truth. Everyone out there in social media land is equal. Everyone is a real person, not a robot. Just because your account has a K in the followers, doesn't make you any better than someone else. Be nice! Respect people for who they are. Just because you are online doesn't make you invincible. Let's all play fair.

Thoughts and comments are always welcome! 

Samantha Parker

Hype Social Strategies, St. George, Utah