Facebook Groups Are Your New BFF

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If you are not in Facebook groups, today is the day you join in. If you are already participating in Facebook groups, don’t worry. This post is for you too!

I want to be a little more specific. I’m not referring to Facebook groups for local events or your daughter’s dance class. I want you to be in Facebook groups that can help you make the vital connections you need in your business.If you are an online business owner, a blogger, a creative or a maker, this post is directly for you.

I was really behind the times with Facebook groups. They really just got under my skin and I felt like I was being added to all of these “party or buy stuff” groups. SO not fun for me. Next thing I knew my phone would be binging with all sorts of new notifications about things that I was not interested in. So I automatically removed myself and shoved the whole idea of Facebook groups aside.

The big change came from me when I saw that one of my favorite bloggers had, what she called, “an online Facebook community”. A Facebook what? Of course I had to join and then I had a palm to the face moment when I saw what was really happening.

People were making connections and providing REAL value to this online community! Now there I sat about a year late to the real party. It happens, sometimes we just can’t handle something until we are completely ready. Insert A-HA moment.

Perk #1-

Back to real value. People were asking hard questions and getting really valuable answers. For example- How do you do xyz in wordpress? Or Which graphic would appeal to you better? No one was trying to get me to buy a mascara or their latest course. The right groups are full of true community and are there to support and help you in business.

As an online business owner this so amazing. It can get lonely on one side of the screen. Being able to ask and answer the questions you have everyday...SIMPLY AMAZING. Facebook group moderators have rules that are always easy to find and follow to keep the creepers and spammers out and the real value in.

In order to achieve the highest level of awesomeness from Facebook groups you have to be able to provide value back. If someone asks a question and you know the answer, then just answer the damn question. Being helpful and kind always wins in the long run. In order to get value you have to in return provide value.

Perk #2-

It is a tool to grow your business. I’ve seen this first hand and I could go on for hours about all the ways it has helped me! I recently shared a blog post (on an approved thread) about my 7 Day Instagram Jam. I had 12 people download the free e-course within the hour. All I did was share my latest project. I have even found an amazing graphic designer through Facebook groups that has helped me immensely. Looking for a VA or maybe even a web designer? Chances are you can find one and make a real connection in the right Facebook groups.

The key there is finding the RIGHT Facebook group- Whether you are a seasoned Facebook groupie or even a newbie here is a list of my favorite groups. These are the groups that I feel provide true value and are a real community. What are some of your favorite Facebook groups?

I know that as a social media strategist and social media manager this might just feel like ONE MORE THING you have to do. Don’t worry, I’ve figured out how to streamline the process. Meaning that if I comment or make a post, I want to follow it up. If you are a member of several groups, it might get hard to keep track of everything happening.

I keep track of my Facebook groups two ways. First, I use the Facebook groups app. Of course there is an app for that! It let’s me organize the groups and makes it super handy to see what is happening.

Second, I use a spreadsheet. If there is something I am really interested in or I feel that I made a strong connection, I want to keep track of it. I don’t want it to get lost in all of the chatter. Just to make it even easier I created a FREE printable spreadsheet just for you. This will help you stay organized and on top of your Facebook communities.


 Are you using Facebook groups to their full potential? They can be a great way to grow your business. Keeping track of them is essential, so I created a free Facebook group tracker! Click through to learn more.


The very last thing I do everyday is set aside to time to a part of Facebook groups. Having a set time everyday will help you not feel overwhelmed. I know that Facebook groups can be so beneficial to you as long as you are organized and provide value! I even started my own, which you can join by clicking below.

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