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Last week I had the opportunity to be a part of a Master’s Panel for my local chapter of the Rising Tide Society. Business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs were presented with the option to choose 15 minute time slots with different “Masters”. My area of expertise on the Master’s Panel was social media (and here you thought it was booze!) and I spent several brief, but intense, rounds diving into other's Instagram accounts.

What did I learn from all of this?  Basically, they were all lacking three major components on their Instagram accounts: consistency, a bio, and a goal. I’m challenging you to take 15 minutes right now and review your Instagram account. If a whole room full of people are all lacking the exact same thing it is very possible you are too. 

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Consistency is Key: when you look at your profile and click on the last picture posted how long ago was that? If it was today, give yourself a virtual high five! What about the picture before that? A few days ago or even a week. Maybe two weeks.

If you are not consistent than you are non-existent in the social media world. Be active and present. If you are not posting at least once everyday on Instagram you are losing out and not giving yourself the opportunity to create a fan base.

In order to stay consistent you need to create a plan. Use a scheduling tool and pre-schedule out all of your posts. Then everyday when you wake up, you already have an actionable plan. You know when and what you are going to post. Nothing gets pushed to the side because you are not prepared. Be consistent. 

Have A Killer Bio: Look at your profile again. What does your bio say? Do you have a bio or is it just your name? Does our bio tell me everything I need to know about you in under 150 characters?

Some important things to remember when crafting your Instagram bio- How do I contact you or where can I find you? Have you clearly explained what you do? Be as specific as possible. Stretch your job title to explain what you exact area of expertise is. For example you are a photographer who specialize in senior portraits and you happen to live in San Diego. Just having photographer on your bio is not effective. Where are you a photographer at and what is your specialty?

Example: Professional photographer specializing in Senior portraits in the San Diego area. For inquires click below or email jane@seniorportraits.com.

I know who you are and what you do right off the get-go. Here’s another example of a great bio:

She has clearly stated her job title and has expanded upon that job title so anyone who finds her page knows exactly what she has to offer. She let’s you know where she is located and included the link to her website so that you know how to contact her!

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Be A Goal Setter: have an expected outcome and a set of goals for using Instagram. Why are you here? What do you expect to gain from all your efforts? Knowing exactly what you want will give you a clear picture of how to get it. If you are wanting to dramatically grow your following you will need to be posting several times a day. If you want to make product sales, you are going to have to curate really great photos of what you sell.

Keep track of your goals and measure the outcome of your success. If something is not working for you, change things up. As you and your business grows, so should your social media.

All of three of these items are things that you can do right now to benefit your Instagram account in under 15 minutes. If you are want dive even deeper into your Instagram download my FREE 7 day workbook where you will receive 7 actionable tips over the course of 7 days to make Instagram your jam.

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