Your EPIC 2016 Social Media Plan + A Free Social Media Blueprint

2016 is officially walking in the front door! Are you ready and does your biz have a social media plan? I'm going to personally walk you through creating a social media plan for 2016. AND just so you can make 2016 your best year yet, I created a blueprint just for you. Why yes I did, so hands up!!! Great, let's get started!

I am sure by now you have determined that in order to create some killer online attraction, you need social media. You need it in a bad way. Not utilizing social media is like dropping a letter on your way to the mailbox and just expecting the mailman to sense its presence. I’m sure some mailmen have this superpower, but no one online does. Plus we are not postmen.

I’m sure you also already know all the reasons why you need social media. You are a smart sophisticated business owner and you know that if you build it, people will most likely NOT come. You have to show them the way.

That is where a mega awesome social media strategy comes into play. What better way to reach millions and millions of people? AND target your desired audience? Using social media can help you guide those ideal people right back to you.

I love social media, obviously. I love it because I am able to put little pieces of my badassery out into the world and show people my business and who I am. Yes, badassery is a word because Cyndie Spiegel says so. I am able to market my business in a way that is fun and is in a casual environment. It’s like casual Tuesday everyday on social media. I’m still there for business, but I can relax a little. Sometimes it even slips a little into happy hour.

Great, now that we’ve established how badass social media is, we need a plan. That’s where I can help. I’ve broken things down and created some BONUS worksheets. Well not just some worksheets, more like a five page little book of worksheets. These worksheets are designed to be a blueprint for you and your social media take over. Print the worksheets off right now and follow along. Like right meow...

1. Define Your Target Audience

I talk about this a lot. I am sure you are sick of hearing it, but it is so important. That’s why it is step number uno! In order to have a successful social media strategy, you have to know who your audience is. Create that ideal client in your mind and never let them go. Better yet, write them down. Create a detailed list of that target client and keep it close by at all times.

Your target audience should be as specific as possible. What is their age, where do they live, what is their income, what do they like? You can get even more specific here. The more descriptive and more in detail you go, the easier it will be to create a social media strategy.

2. Pick Your Platforms

Here is the easiest way to determine which social media platforms you will focus on in 2016- Determine which platforms your target audience is using the most. Do the research and do a little online snooping. Start looking at who is posting what and then determine where you need to be.

For example, if you make handmade baby moccasins, then your target market is going to be new moms. Get really specific here. I can 100 percent promise you that mom is using Instagram. BAM! That needs to be your platform of choice. If you are struggling with defining your target market and finding them on social media, consider scheduling a one to one consult with me. I can help you get incredibly specific.

For me personally, I focus on Instagram first, then Facebook and Twitter. I know where my audience is. I interact with them on the platforms that are right for me. I have also begun to utilize video marketing and will be hosting and co-hosting webinars and BLAB shows for 2016. If you are following along on the worksheets (of course you are), you can write down your target platforms in box number two.

3. Be A Goal Setter

For each platform that you use, make a specific goal or outcome. Maybe your goal is to have 1,000 Instagram followers. Then on Facebook you want to have 250 followers. Right down those number goals.

Another thing to consider here is that social media isn’t just about growth, so be specific. Your goal could be to have a 1,000 Instagram followers. PLUS you want to have five new clients that you found on Instagram. Now you need to decide how you are going to make this happen. Do some goal mapping!

4 & 5. Create A Schedule

The best way I have found to create an actionable social media strategy is through a great scheduling system. Let’s start with some of the basics.

You are going to need a calendar here. You can use any calendar system you like. Print out a blank monthly calendar, use Google calendars or your planner. Literally any type of calendar will do. Just stick with what works for you and what you like best. Later down the road you can tweak it to fit your needs even more.

For myself and for my clients, I schedule out my social media a week at a time. I only do a week because new things will come up. A client will tell me about a last minutes special or an event they are attending. I might decide to take a different route one week. You know your schedule and you have to decide what types of scheduling blocks work for you. I recommend keeping it to a month at the most. You want your content to stay relevant and fresh.

Perfecto! Now that you have picked a freaking fantastic calendar, the next thing to do is pick weekly themes. This is so helpful because all of the content you create for the week can revolve around your theme. When creating a theme there are few things to keep in mind. Well, mostly one- your target audience. Hell yes, I just brought that up again! Only create content for you target audience! For reals! Everything else is a waste of internet space...someone had to say it.

You can even dive deeper. What is your niche? How can you give your audience value? For example, I am a social media strategist. Social media is my specialty. I can now take that even one more layer and say that I am even more skilled at creating content specifically for Instagram (it is my JAM). A theme for me one week could specifically focus on creating a stellar Instagram profile.

Another way to choose a specific weekly theme would be to tie it into your blog post. The two kind of go hand in hand. Sometimes I even write my blog posts based off of the weekly themes I’ve picked. So then it just comes natural that my social media content is going to “prime” my audience for that topic. If you are using the FREE worksheets (why wouldn’t you?) you can easily start to brainstorm your weekly themes.

You weekly themes are great for content creation. Why? Because it gives you a theme that you can base all of your content off of. It all flows together, like vodka and orange juice!

Quick example. Let’s say that you are a personal trainer. You decide that for the first week of January you are going to focus on goal setting.  You also are very wise and create every social media post to revolve around goal setting. Then you decide to write an epic blog post on the importance of goal setting and your health.When you hit publish on your blog post, you have already created some goal setting buzz with your social media followers. BOOM! Content creation and flow.

6. Times and Frequencies

Awesome sauce. Now you need to decide what time of day is best for you to post to your social media platforms of choice. Think strategically, not conveniently. When is your target audience using social media? Is it early morning, afternoon or late evening? Bonus tip- A great tool for helping your determine this is Iconosquare. It is free to sign up and will let you know when you should be posting to Instagram. You need to be posting when you target audience will see it. Not just when you favorite TV show is on and you feel bored.

Now decided how often you want to post to each platform. You want to post enough to keep your audience engaged, but not so much that they are annoyed. The very minimum amount you should ever post is once a day. Each platform varies. Twitter and Pinterest need more attention. Instagram does well with about 2-3 posts a day and the same on Facebook. Remember it is your business and your target audience. You need to decide what will work best for both parties involved (you and your audience).

7. Design Some Graphics

Your next strategy will be to decide how you will create your social media posts. The easiest way I found, and trust me I have tried it all, is to use I wish that was an affiliate link, but it is not. They are just hands down the easiest and most effective site around. Plus there is a freaking awesome FREE version. You can easily size everything in Canva and make it look aaahhhmazing! However, if you are a photoshop pro then just stick with what you do best.

Remember when you are creating your graphics to stay true to your own branded look. I want to be able to pick out your posts easily. Use the same fonts, colors, etc. as much as possible. Your brand needs to translate into your graphics. Mix up your graphics with quality photos of you, your team, different products, quotes, etc. Have some fun with it. If you are not having fun, you are doing something wrong. Or you are not drinking enough wine, but hey.

8. Schedule Your Posts

No this is not the same as steps 4 and 5. This is where you schedule your posts for execution. Seriously I could not survive without Hootesuite. It allows me to schedule multiple accounts and keep tabs on everything that is happening. However, it is most likely that you only need to schedule for one account. If that is the case, then use It is a scheduling tool for Instagram, but once you post to Instagram, you can easily move on to your other platforms and post the same content. Bonus- it is also free!

If you are creating your content in one week blocks, you will literally only need to do these steps once a week! All you have to do is post them to your accounts when the time comes. All the prep work is done. Oh did I mention that both Hootesuite and Latergramme will notify your phone when it is time to do that. HOT DAMN! I love technology. I so love being prepared and not scrambling around. I guess if you like being a nut job everyday, then do NOT create a social media strategy for yourself.

9. Track What is Happening

You need to track what is happening on your social media accounts. Set aside a few time blocks each day to do this. That way you can respond to comments, like other photos, start up conversations, yada yada. You know, interact with that target audience. I wish I had a shot for every time I said target audience...wait, maybe not. This tracking time block is also when you will seek out your ideal audience on social media. You have to find them and create relationships with them.

This can easily be done in ten minute blocks. Ten minutes in the morning, ten minutes at lunch, ten minutes in bathroom (just embrace it, you know you do it). Just pick some time for interactions and do it. By the way, box number 9 is just for writing down a tracking action plan.

Also, don’t forget to track your numbers, but only do it once a week. Don’t go crazy watching numbers everyday. It will make you a bit of a crazy cat lady. Tracking your numbers helps you understand what your target audience (shot) likes and doesn’t like.



Determine what is working and what just plain sucks. It’s okay, sometimes we do stuff that just does not work. It’s a learning process and we are all on board the learning express. Take lots of notes and pay attention to what your target audience (last one I promise) really likes. Above all, just remember to keep being the badass/rockstar that I know you are!

Now that you have a great breakdown of how to create an epic social media strategy for 2016, go ahead a download the FREE blueprint right now. Every step I just mentioned is broken down into a blueprint worksheet just for you. Oh and it just happens to be like 5 pages long and has a pretty cover. This is a mother effing epic blueprint. Click below and download it now.

I can help you take your social media strategy even further in 2016. Contact me to book a one on one session today. Together we can can analyze your business and find the best social media strategy for you. What is stopping your from creating a social media strategy today? CONTACT ME TODAY!


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