How the *BLEEP* Do I Find my Ideal Client? Find Your Next Client on Social Media

You work really hard to run your business and create stellar social media content for your clients. You work really, really, really hard to promote yourself, but then nothing happens! Chirping crickets is all you hear online. Even worse, all you get is followers who are clear spammers. I get it. I’ve been there, I feel ya. I want to change that.

Hey beautiful! You work really hard to run your business and create stellar social media content for your clients. You work really, really, really hard to promote yourself, but then nothing happens! Chirping crickets is all you hear online. Even worse, all you get is followers who are clear spammers. I get it. I’ve been there, I feel ya. I want to change that.

It is very and quite possible that you are not looking in the right place. You are not visible to your ideal client. You might have not even clearly defined your ideal client enough to know where they are!

First thing your need to do is clearly identify who the hell your ideal client is.  It’s that little target audience that I am always gushing about. They are your bread and butta! Finding your ideal client can be hard at first. If you are still in the exploration stages of your business, they will probably change. Business is a growth process. It is ok to go ahead and hug it out.

The best way to define your ideal client is to visualize them. Who are they? What do the wear? Where do the live? How old are they? How much money do they make? What are their hobbies, etc.

Once you have them visualized put that ideal client to paper. I created a couple of easy to follow worksheets to help you do this. You can download the FREE worksheets by click the giant button below or above! Knowing who your ideal client is, is the ONLY way you are going to be able to have a successful social media strategy. AKA find your next client through social media. 

Once you have completely defined who your ideal client is, now you have to find them! I know you are thinking, “Well, duh”! Here are sure-fire things you can implement today to find your next client through social media.

Find the Right Platforms

You have to be using the right social media platforms. A platform is not right for you just because it is your favorite one. It has to be your ideal client’s favorite platform. Great example of this- I was recently in a meeting with a local business owner. He told me his ideal client was the millennial mom. I then asked him what his instagram strategy was….Blank stare. Hello every millennial mom in the world is on Instagram! He was only utilizing Facebook because he liked it.

Research the various platforms that your ideal client is using. Then make your presence known there. Of course, I did not recommend that he stops using Facebook all together. We just created a new strategy that included Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

If you are asking yourself, “How the *bleep* do I figure that out”? The answer is simple, but requires work. You have to do the research. That’s why you have created a crazy clear idea of who your ideal client is.

If you know someone who clearly fits your description, then do some online stalking. Find out what platforms they are using. You can even just ask them. Jump online and see what everyone is doing. Once you have figured out where your ideal client is, aim all of your focus at those platforms. Don’t even mess around with anything else. Seriously, don’t do it.

Utilize Hashtags and Searches

Now that you have discovered your platforms it is time to start using hashtags and searches. Instagram is a hashtag haven. They are incredible searching tools. You have to not only be using hashtags but also connecting to others through those same hashtags. If you need help with creating hashtags for yourself you can read more HERE!

Use hashtags as a search tool. Look at what hashtags your ideal client is using. Then interact with them under that tag. BONUS tip- use that same hashtag that is popular to your ideal client when you are posting to your own social media accounts. Connections made!

Join and Add Value to Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are amazing places. If you are in the right group they can offer you so much value. The typical feel in a great facebook group is a sense of community. People there are genuinely caring and devoted to helping you. It is a great place to ask for advice and look for services that you may need.

YES! Did you catch that last part? People are looking for services. If it is relevant to your industry and they are an ideal client, you are more than welcome to step in and pitch yourself. In most Facebook groups the host will post a thread about once a week for various topics. This could be anything from collaborations, share you recent blog post, find an accountability partner, look to mastermind. All Facebook page hosts will have community guidelines to ensure that nothing becomes overly spammy. So please make sure you are not being a spammer!

The most important aspect of Facebook groups is that you absolutely have to provide value to the group. I’m talking good quality value. If someone has a question that you know the answer to, jump in and help! That is what makes these groups so valuable. Everyone is there to be supportive. You gain value by providing value. You can and will find your ideal clients in Facebook groups.

Interact on Your Ideal Platforms

Here’s a great scenario. You post to your social media accounts! And then that’s it…..Nothing else. This just isn’t going to work. You have to set aside time to interact with your clients and be a present force for good. Comment on photos, give hearts, follow new people. Be a participating member. You want people to interact with you, so you have to interact back with them.

I want you to pull out whatever calendar system you use. It could be Google, your giant paper planner or even that free calendar you got from your insurance agent this year. It does not matter. Just set aside the time right now to interact every day on social media. Dedicate 15 minutes everyday to fully interacting with your community.

This is the time that you let your ideal clients know you exist. Find them and show their social media accounts some love! AND for hell’s sake, if someone comments on one of your photos, you better comment back. A silent account goes nowhere fast.

Use Your Own Voice

Now I do not want you attracting the wrong clients. So always use a voice that represents yourself and your brand. For example, I say badass basically all the time. This might not be appropriate for some types of businesses. This is just who I am and I want to work with people who are okay with that.

Using your own voice is a highly integrated part of your branding. You want to portray the same type of person and business online as you do in person. Avoid sounding like a robot. Mix in some personality and get comfortable with it. Get really comfortable and snuggle in for the long haul.

Give Value and Sell Yourself

Your social media should provide value. You know that are a badass. So you should probably just let everyone else know too! Give advice and helpful tips through your posts. Concentrate on your ideal client’s pain points. Let them know that you know how to solve it.

Once you show them that you have value to give, go ahead and sell yourself. Do NOT be afraid to let people know that you are offering a paid service or product. Hello! How else are people going to know?! If you are afraid of selling yourself on social media, get over it. 80 percent of the time provide sincere value and support. Then sell the crap out of yourself the other 20 percent of the time.

Quick recap- 80 percent of the time you are showing the world why you are a badass. The remaining 20 percent of the time sell yourself. 80/20. Great balance that makes you non-sleezy and attractive. I love non-sleezy people and I am a zillion percent you do to.

Make It Easy to Find You

In other words, if you want someone to do something, make it clear. Provide easy to follow instructions. Click here to read more. Click right HERE to schedule a consult today. Click the link in my profile to connect. Follow me on Instagram @______. I’m pretty sure you get what I want you to do.

If no one knows what you want them to do, then how are they going to become a client? Be direct, be bold and do not be scared to let people know what you do. Put the fear aside and just be direct. You will NOT find any ideal clients on social media by being passive. Just make it “Easy like Sunday morning”!


AAAAHHHH! This is something that makes me totally crazy. It’s the whole “I tried it for a couple of weeks and it just wasn’t working out, so I changed my mind”. What?! I seriously want to slap some sense into this statement. This way of thinking on social media is basically dumb.

If you are a business owner you already know that anything to do with this mindset is ridiculous. “Oh, I started a new business, but no one called the first two weeks so I decided to quit”. Ya, ok?

Obviously consistency is the key to anything that you want to be successful in. Business, weight loss, your savings account, you get the point here. Be so freaking consistent on your social media posting that it is impossible not to notice you. Post at least everyday. You have to show up on a daily basis.

I know there is some statistic out there that says it takes multiple time of seeing something for someone to actually notice it. You want to be noticed. You want people to remember you and want what you are selling.

I know that these strategies will work for you. How do I know? These are the same strategies that I implement for myself and every social media account that I manage. I work with a wide range of businesses and I see the buzz that these exact same strategies are creating for them. It literally works!

Grab your FREE  five page worksheet bundle right now by clicking below. Not only are these worksheets so helpful, they are also very pretty to look at. Win-win, right?! Start defining your ideal client so clearly that it will become a breeze to find and interact with them on social media.

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Samantha Parker

Hype Social Strategies, St. George, Utah