Stop Hiding Behind Those Flat-Lays!

  Stop hiding behind your damn flatlays! Stop pretending that those stock photos are you!    I am boldly liberating you from your fear of coming out from behind those fake photos and insta-graphics. Start embracing more photos of you and your business! Click through to read my entire article about why it's time for a change! - Hype Social Strategies

Stop hiding behind your damn flatlays! Stop pretending that those stock photos are you!

I am boldly liberating you from your fear of coming out from behind those fake photos and insta-graphics.

I will admit...I totally fucked up here. I’ve spent the last year of business literally sheltered behind the insta-perfect world. I will also be the first to admit that I love a good flat-lay, but is it really too much to ask for a little personality once in awhile?

How can you expect anyone to want to work with you, if they’ve never ever seen your face?!

How do you a build a trusting relationship without even seeing a glimpse of someone’s personality?

Here’s what your flat-lays tell me about you. You have the cleanest damn desk I’ve ever seen and you sure have some amazing accessories that seem to change daily. DAMN GIRL! I’m over here working off of a folding table with some white computer paper and a pen I stole from the motel 6.

I recently stumbled upon a beautiful Instagram account. I loved it, but I was totally confused. Every single photo was just an arm holding different objects. Have we really come to the point in our society where our fucking arm is the showcase of brilliance. No offense to the arm, it was quite lovely.

However, as a business owner whose main focus is social media, I have to say enough! Unless arm photos are your hobby...put down the starbucks coffee and perfectly manicured nails. Why in the hell am I ever going to work with an arm? Point proven.

What that flat lay doesn’t tell me is how you are going to solve my problem. It’s not going to tell me what you are selling or establish you as the mother fucking expert that you are!

Social media is so much more than just a photo. Turn your time and attention into crafting epic captions! Snap a real life photo of yourself! Tell and show people your message not your imaginatory desktop!

Turn your attention to engagement and building strong relationships! Spend your real time on writing content that wows!

I’m not saying to swear off stock photos and flat-lays completely. I am just saying that at least ⅓ of the time we can see the real life you live. The true badass that’s in there. The real business you are the boss of! The real reason you deserve my time, my attention and my money!

Yes, I am still going to use stock photos and yes you will still see those damn flatlays floating around on my social media accounts. However, be prepared because you are also seeing the real me. My real face, my real attitude, my real mind, my real business the real me!

Do you think I said real enough, because if not….


If you are in a service based business I can not stress this entire point enough...Why in the world would I use your services if all I saw was your epic hipster forest photo spread...and so much perfectly brewed much coffee…

Stock photos and flatlays have a time and a place. They are great for creating blog graphics (see above), websites and filling in the blanks when needed. Like I said...just show something real at least ⅓ of the time. After all no one is expecting you to run around being a photographer 24/7. BUT for the love of all things holy, just throw in a head shot at least!

Let’s all turn our attention to creating great content for our social media accounts. Let’s wow people with our vast knowledge and advice. This is also known as giving value. Give that shit away like candy. Unless you really like candy and not making money…

Make the commitment today, to quit being afraid of the badass behind the account. Yes, I am still talking to you. Do it for yourself. Free yourself and liberate your business and your life. This is almost the point where I tell you to howl naked at the moon..but you should probably not take it that far. No one wants their accounts banned.

I am personally committing to you that I will love and support everyone of your real photos and amazing captions. I will be there the whole time cheering you on.


Let me know how I can support you on your own journey to sharing more of the real you online. Comment below and let’s chat.

Yup! That's me above. Uncropped, unfiltered, no edits at all. Zero fucks being given. I'm owning this shit. 

Samantha Parker

Hype Social Strategies, St. George, Utah