You Need A Business Page! Yes, You Boss Lady!

  Ah, the age old debate. Why can’t I just use my personal social media accounts for my business? I already have a small following of friends and family. Why not just expand upon that? Why start over from ground zero?

Ah, the age old debate. Why can’t I just use my personal social media accounts for my business? I already have a small following of friends and family. Why not just expand upon that? Why start over from ground zero?

Here, let me break it down for you.

You have social media accounts for yourself and you have followers. You love sharing fun photos of you and your littles. You even like to clearly display that great beach vacation. Nice, that’s what social media is for. Every now and then you even forward a funny Ellen clip. Who doesn’t love Ellen? People like and occasionally share your photos. You regularly browse your social media feeds and enjoy seeing what your friends and family are up to. You are a social media user.

Now, after months or even years of planning and dreaming you decide to start a business. Wahoo! You are a freaking rockstar. Starting a business is a huge leap and I personally congratulate you. You now decided to start promoting your business on social media. BEST DECISION EVER! Social media is an incredibly great way to promote your business.

You decide to not start new social media profiles for your business. Why bother, you already have followers on social media? Why start over from scratch? So you begin posting about your new business on your personal networks. Your feeds are now a mix of your kids sitting on Santa’s lap and “a great business opportunity for you”. Or maybe you like to take pictures of your cats and you are a health nut. Now you have social media feeds that are a mix of cats and your new local healthy food delivery system. Hum..

Here’s what you’ve just done.

1. Suddenly your friends and family now have become your targeted audience.

I don’t know about you, but no one ever grew a highly profitable business, based on selling to their friends and family. Yes of course you will have a few supporters and maybe even a few buyers who are dedicated to your new business. That’s what family and friends are for. But really, are they your target market? Think hard about this.

Every business has a target audience or market. They know exactly who wants their products and who is buying. They do everything based upon this. Now, I know my mom is my best supporter (thanks mom!), but she’s not going to make me a millionaire. In fact, she’s not going to make me a dime, except in mental morale. My target audience is. They have pain points and I know them. I do everything geared to helping them.

When you create and execute your social media you need to keep this target market in mind. Now if you’ve made sure that you are only targeting your friends and family, then you have seriously limited yourself. They want to see your fun beach vacation and family photos. They don’t want to be advertised to. You’re just confusing everyone, including yourself.

2. You have now mixed your personal life with your business life.

Uh, yes you just did. I’m not even sure I need to explain this one. But, I’m still going to. Your personal life should remain just yours. You need to have a personal bubble that is for you. It consists of your friends and your family. It is nice and cozy. Your business life is where you show your target audience that you are a badass in your expertise. You have specific goals in mind and you are here to conquer them.

t is  kind of hard to show everyone how great your product/services are if it is mixed in with your personal life. Great example right here- You post a political photo on Monday. Tuesday morning your post a coupon for 30% off. Your ideal customer might not have the same views you do. Basically you’ve totally destroyed your chance of winning them over with your great offer. They suddenly see you in a new light. So, hey! Let’s go ahead right now and separate those two out. Personal stays personal and business stays business.

3. Facebook will shut you down.

Like super fast. Now, this isn’t one of those legendary social media myths that is told around campfires at night. This is damn straight the truth. At anytime Facebook can shut down a personal account that is being misused. Facebook has clear guidelines regarding Facebook and business pages. They will do this without warning and without explanation. Can you imagine waking up one morning to basically nothing? You no longer have a personal page or business page. Just straight up nothing. Just take the time to create a new business page. Please don’t make me repeat myself here.

There are loads of benefits to having a Facebook business page. You can now target your audience, create a call to action and even run Facebook ads. I’ve heard so many people complaining about Facebook ads. Yes, I was once one of those skeptical individuals. It think this was mainly because I just hadn’t tried them yet. Once I tried them and learned all about their amazing potential, I am now a true believer. I saw direct results from my Facebook ads and I spent less than five dollars a day to receive those results.

Now Facebook ads do require some research and some effort on your part. You have to be willing to create eye catching ads and a great call to action. You also have to willing to track your results and make adjustments when necessary. I have spent a large amount of time perfecting my strategy and it is alway a work in progress. If you are looking for some great mentors and courses I highly recommend checking out Mary’s Facebook ads class is free and full of totally awesome information! No affiliate links here, just passing on some stellar info.

4. You do not have a brand.

Since you decided to force your business into your personal life, you no longer have a brand. Even if your business is you, it is still a business. You want everything you do to be instantly recognizable in the virtual world. If I see a post on Instagram, I instantly want to recognize who’s post that is . How do you do this? Through branding!

Create a strong brand and do not sway from it. Use the same colors and fonts in all your pictures. Create a logo that your target audience (not your family) knows. No matter how many ways you look at it or how you argue it, you can’t brand your personal feeds. Unless you are going to go through and delete every photo and posted that was not on brand, it is a lost cause.

5. You’ve annoyed your friends and family.

I saved this one for last for two reasons. First, I didn’t want to offend anyone right out of the gate. I wanted you to really take in what I was saying and fully embrace it. You had to see it all broken down into small pieces in order to understand the whole picture. Second, it’s the biggest reason you should have already set aside time in your busy schedule to start your business pages. Yes, you have officially annoyed the hell out of your friends and family. They look at your social media pages to be social. Not to be sold to. Truth bomb right there.

You can always invite your friends and family to like and follow your new business social media pages. Facebook makes this incredibly convenient. That way, those who want to be sold to and see what you are doing in your business can. Everyone else still gets to be just friends with you. They now have a choice. They can be your target market or they continue just being your family and friends. I think those are two pretty great choices right there. It’s all about respect and not forcing things onto other people.  

Don’t worry, there are so many ways to overcome this and fix it. In fact it is pretty easy and straightforward.

Here’s what you can do to fix it.

1. Start right now 

Like right now. Don’t post another business related topic to your personal feeds. Start those business pages. It really is easy. On Facebook you do it right from your own profile and they become easily manageable together. Instagram will make you start a completely different profile, but the steps are simple. Twitter allows you to create multiple profiles that can also be easily linked together. This way you don’t have to log in and out.

Pinterest for business is seriously a no brainer. They have amazing analytics that you can use to track what is working and what isn’t. You can read more about Pinterst for business here- Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic to your blog and grow your email list. Pinterset is not just for mom’s. It is an amazing business building tool!

Bonus tip- Lady Boss League has a crazy awesome email course that can really help give you a full understanding of how great Pinterest for business really is. You can check it out here- Again no affiliate links, just a great resource.

2. Define and focus on your target audience.

Create a plan and create a clear target audience. Write it down and keep it close by. When you are creating content for your new business pages, you now know who you are speaking to. Your world should always revolve around your target audience. I know I am starting to sound like a broken record here. That is because I can not stress this enough. They are the reason you are in business. You really have to focus here.

3. Build an appropriate audience

Using business pages will now give you the ability to build that appropriate audience. You can now seek them out and start drawing them into you. Everyone has to start at zero. It’s okay because over time you will grow and now your will have an audience that is truly interested in what you have to say. They are your true followers and they will turn into clients. Facebook lets you do this through ad targeting. Instagram is my favorite way to build an appropriate audience. In fact I even have a free e-course all about making Instagram your official jam.

My FREE ecourse gives your seven steps that you can implement over the course of seven days. One easy step each day for a week. This course will also help you start to define a target audience, keep your branding in mind, stick with your hashtags and encourage you to create an action plan! Hello, you know you want to make Instagram your jam. Download it right here.


4. Create awesome content and build.

Now all you have to do is go out and create awesome content for your new business pages. Yes, it absolutely does take dedication and hard work. Yes, you do have to put the time and effort into. It is a business right? You will also have to build new relationships. However, when you are doing it on a business platform, it will be much easier to do. Trust me. You can totally do this and you will never once regret using business platforms to promote your actual business!

Samantha Parker

Hype Social Strategies, St. George, Utah